Wayfarers | Umrah Tour 1437/2016

Umrah is one of the best supererogatory actions that can be performed in Islam and Muslims around the world give great significance to this lesser pilgrimage. Even though this type of pilgrimage is not obligatory like the pilgrimage of Hajj, Muslims give much value to this pilgrimage due to the many rewards that can be gained by performing it. Umrah can be undertaken at any time of the year by leaving for the holy city of Makkah - millions of Muslims visit the city all year round.  

Wayfarers is a new initiative that provides Muslims the opportunity to take a majestic journey to the holy lands. IHT will be taking 50 people to Makkah and Madinah to perform `Umrah and visit a number of sacred sites that signify events that took place in Islamic history. Please see dates and details below:

19th December – 31st December 2016 

All accommodation will be 5* and the hotels will be walking distance from the Haramayn. 


Standard Package: £1,700 - 3/4 people sharing

Enhanced Package: £1,900 - 2 people sharing


Makkah - Makarem Ajyad

Madinah - Crown Plaza

The packages includes air fare, visas, internal travel, accommodation and breakfast.

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