Our teachers provide a professional, friendly and welcoming service that caters for the Islamic and social progression of your children. Having studied the foundations of the religion, our teachers are able to relay the Islamic sciences and able to deliver this knowledge to your children to the very highest level.

All teachers are CRB checked and will have at the very least, some previous experience of working with children. We will always try our utmost best and exhaust every avenue available to get the most equipped teachers to teach your children.

IHT presents a unique opportunity to the local community, providing reliable religious education at the hands of teachers who are truly role models for the youth and the entire community. The IHT vision was born out of a deep concern the founders have for the youth in our communities, and the desire to make positive changes enabling the youth to excel in spiritual, education and social matters.

I have known those in charge of IHT for many years and am deeply impressed by the commitment they have to traditional learning and scholarship. They have benefitted from many of the great scholars in the Muslim world and have also studied with local scholars, giving them a sound understanding of the Islamic sciences and scholarly tradition. They have been involved in teaching religious sciences and running community projects for many years and have changed many lives for the better. They have the skills and experience to make a real difference to our communities and deserve our support.

Sidi Noor ud Deen