The Intention

Our intention and objective is to enable the religious and social development of children as well as adults. By educating the children and older members of our communities in the basic sacred sciences, we feel that we are equipping them with the necessary tools to be able to deal with some of the challenges when putting faith into pracise particularly when residing in a secular environment.

We propose to teach the fard al-'ayn – knowledge which is obligatory upon every Muslim – to begin with. This will set core foundations that will lead to a rudimentary understanding of Islam. Our teachers are well established in the basic Islamic sciences and will be able to deliver this knowledge to your children to the very highest level.

The Outcome

The outcome is to assist in cultivating a cohesive member of society through Islamic education.

In addition to this, the hope is that the knowledge acquired will allow the student to transform theory into practice. Implementation of the diverse sacred sciences taught is the ultimate aim as this will give each and every student the potential to benefit oneself and extend benefit to others.

The Purpose

The purpose or the need for an institute like IHT is multi-faceted. There are a number of contributing factors that play a role and furthermore it has been ascertained by the voice of the community that tutition on a broader spectrum and a higher level needs to be provided.

Many of the challenges we are encountering within our homes and in our wider communities are due to a withdrawal from the religious sciences and practice of Islam. Reviving the practice and functional aspects of Islam in our day to day lives can truly extinguish the flames of the very trials and tribulations we face.

There are many misconceptions that have been surrounding Islam, particularly in the previous decade or so. This has naturally given way for the arising of questions from people of all walks of life and even Muslims. Thus it is imperative that we give the correct understanding of the religion and remove doubt and confusion.

Why choose us?

We provide a quality standard of Islamic education with a professional yet friendly outlook. Moreover we offer a unique service tailored to your personal needs and convenience.

With the ability to select your own syllabus from our extensive range of subjects at a time that is best suited to your home life, we deliver the very best in Islamic learning.

All teachers are CRB checked and are grounded in the Islamic sciences to tutor students of all ages. This supports them in reaching their highest potential and become outstanding citizens of a cohesive society.

With a varied range of experience of having worked in mainstream schooling, tuition, Islamic schools and home schooling, our teachers are able to relay the Islamic sciences competently.